Navajo Nation IRB

"Indigenous people and researchers: building collaborative partnerships and the importance of responsibilities, ethics, and values of research on the Navajo Nation"

The mission of the Navajo Nation Research Program is to support research that promotes and enhances the interests and the visions of the Navajo people: to encourage a mutual and beneficial partnership between the Navajo people and researchers; and to create an interface where different cultures, lifestyles, disciplines, and ideologies can come together in a way that improves, promotes, and strengthens the health of the Navajo people.

The Navajo Nation Human Research Review Board (NNHRB) was developed in March 1996 to guarantee ethical research for the Diné people. 



On March 21, 2017
From 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
NN Administration Bldg. #2,
NDOH Conference Room
Window Rock, AZ

03-21-2017 Meeting Agenda
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On April 18th, 2017
From 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
NN Administration Bldg. #2,
NDOH Conference Room
Window Rock, AZ


* Next Navajo Research Conference coming Next fall in October 2017. *

Tentative dates for 2017 Navajo Research Conference *October 18-19, 2017*

Upcoming Conferences

PRIM&R This Week: Call for Session Proposals and IACUC17 Pre-Conference Programs

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UNM Human Research Protections Office

Research University is an annual, day-long conference hosted by the HRPP that is free to attend and lunch is provided. Research University provides a forum for you to address research staff and faculty at UNM HSC and research partners.   CLICK HERE FOR FLYER  

Direct all questions and comments to Alina Pena at



(news from OHRP's Division of Ed. & Development),
- March 2017


PRIM&R This Week: IRB Administrator Boot Camp, IACUC17 Keynote Speaker, and AYD Info Session


NNHRB 2016 Meeting Schedule

Meetings held every 3rd Tuesday of each month
at Navajo Department of Health East Conference
Room (NDOH)
(Schedule subject to change without advance notice)

** One (1) complete original NNHRRB application/protocol and ten (10) copies due to NNHRRB office by 5:00PM on submission date.


(Copies must be collated, stapled or binder clipped)

For information or inquiries, please contact Mike Winney at:

Navajo Department
of Health
Navajo Research Office
Post Office Box 1390
Window Rock, Arizona 86515

Telephone Number:
(928) 871-6929

Fax Number:
(928) 871-6255

E-mail Address: or
Ms. Becenit-Pigman

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